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Anyone Still Out There? December 8, 2008

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(Times Burned: 0; Wrong Orders: 0; Customers I Want to Slam Over the Head with a Skillet: 0, Major Catastrophes: 0)

In case you haven’t already deduced, I quit my job at DD. I had a whole slew of quitting-related blog posts to share, but as summer came to a close, I simply ran out of time. In case you were wondering, the only reason why I quit was because I knew that I simply could not juggle schoolwork, work, and my personal life. The boss didn’t fault me for it, just was a little displeased that two months of training was going to pot. I was a little sorry, but later learned from a friend that the boss left a few weeks later to focus on schoolwork as well.

Do I miss working there? I miss certain aspects of the job. I miss making coffees. Aside from the pay, I think baristas have it made. I miss feeling vital and independent. I miss the chocolate chip muffins (so bad for you, but so good!). I don’t miss the chronic foot pain (seriously, I could only hobble by the last few weeks). Nor do I particularly miss the people (not that they were mean; we just didn’t get along). I do sometimes find myself feeling nostalgic for the place.

Whether or not I am going back is a wide open question. I already have summer plans for the next two years (busy busy), but I may find myself working there part-time sometime in the not-so-near future. Who knows?

I guess this must be the closure post or something, for me at least. It’s definitely not the end of this blog. I feel like jumping the shark by posting this, but I don’t think this blog will stay inactive for very long. Until then…


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