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Here I Am, Back From The Dead May 31, 2009

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I need to stop making these empty promises of how I’ll keep posting, because, honestly, I just won’t. It’s hard when it seems like I already broadcast every detail of my life in every other possible outlet (Livejournal,  Twitter, Facebook, Newspaper). Really, what is then left to write about? So in the end, my sad little WordPress is left dusty and largely unused, much like my Elliptical machine or Eric van der Woodsen’s character on Gossip Girl.

So why have I decided to update after all of this time? I’ll confess, it’s actually because I clicked the wrong bookmark.

WordPress: Oh, that’s real nice.

But I call it serendipity, because look where I am now. (It’s actually called procrastination, because I don’t want to write my newspaper column right now. Shh….) I still haven’t decided what I’m going to write about here. My Livejournal is where all of my emotional vomit and Gossip Girl crap winds up. Facebook is where I write when I want to appear cool. Twitter is where I write when I want to appear quirky and, wait for it…cool.  All bases are covered, are they not?

People ask if I am going to work at DD again this summer. Well, judging from how kindly the boss took it when I quit, I would hazard a no. But fear not, I won’t be the pathetic one who sits at home in front of a fan eating grape popsicles and watching Jerry Springer. I’ll be bopping around (with college visits in between) until the middle of July when, SURPRISE, I’m going to Acadia, where I shall be bopping around some more, but this time with moose and, you know, those Maine people. I’ll be back in August, but plenty busy all the same.

Here’s to the (almost) beginning of a fantastic summer!


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