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Hello, My Name is Fuck-up! June 27, 2008

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I got my test scores back yesterday. Don’t bother asking me what they were for or how high (or low in this case) my scores were; I’m not going to tell you. I’ll just say I feel like a royal fuck-up right now. I’m just trying to figure out whether retaking it is worth my time seeing as how I greatly underestimated my stupidity. The worst part is that my parents actually think it’s a good score, so they’re prattling on about how proud they are of me when really, I just feel like a total shitheel. My parents’ ecstatic surprise is definitely not encouraging. Apparently, they thought I was even more of a dumbass than I think I am right now.


Well, tomorrow’s the big day: My First Day Working for the Dunkin Donuts Empire. I feel a little bad that I am partaking in its efforts to strangle the last vestiges of creativity and soul that remain in my neck of the woods, channeled by our local coffeehouses. But hey, those local coffeehouses didn’t hire me.


Wish me luck!