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A Fashion Blog November 25, 2009

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So I just discovered the wonders of Polyvore, but was dismayed to find that I would need to upgrade to Plus on Livejournal to be able to upload pictures. Then I remembered–I have a WordPress! Lo and behold, WordPress allows me to upload pictures. We are now friends again. Here’s my first few Polyvore sets, both inspired by Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

Prep School Madness

Blouse (H&M, $), Skirt (topshop.com), Shoes (rupertsanderson.co.uk), Headband (net-a-porter.com), Tights (modcloth.com)

This outfit is a play on Blair’s prep school uniform with its feminine, classic look. I repeated the black detail on the blouse with the cream pumps and added a beautiful silver headband, since I adore headbands.

A Night at the Met

Dress (Herve Leger, net-a-porter.com), Cardigan (farfetch.com), Trench Coat (Burberry, net-a-porter.com), Shoes (Giuseppe Zanotti, chickdowntown.com), Clutch (Treesje Mortale, endless.com), Necklace (By Malene Birger, net-a-porter.com)

This is a more glam, rather than feminine outfit. I tend to fall in a rut of picking the same old ruffley blouses and safe skirts, so this was a challenge to myself to mix it up by picking things I wouldn’t normally pick. The Herve Leger dress was what inspired me to create the outfit in the first place. I knew I needed a cardigan to cover up skin, and I thought this dark pewter color complemented the gold in the dress so nicely. Since it is fall, I needed a coat, and what better coat than a classic, form-flattering trench? The necklace and shoes were extra touches to give the outfit even more shine.

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